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Composite Decking

Hard Composite Decking from an Essex Based Business

Looking to shop local for your static caravan’s decking needs? Deck Solutions has a composite decking material suitable for everyone.

The Deck Solutions Experience

When you shop for composite decking with us, you receive the full benefit of our knowledge, skills, and expertise. We aim to create exactly the design you are looking for, driven by our approach to customer service – where we excel. Our staff advise you on your designs and choices at every step of the way, so we can cater to your decking needs, even if you would prefer plastic or timber decking, instead.

Once you have selected your chosen materials, we can get to work installing the decking solution of your dreams. We will offer you a quote and, should you accept, we will waste no time creating your tailored deck solution. Our diligent team members have decades of combined experience in installing outdoor decking areas in homes throughout Essex. We provide excellent composite decking for static caravans, houses, and other domestic residences.

During installation our composite decking specialists will complete the job with a smile. They will advise you on anything you need to know about the maintenance and longevity of your new composite decking. If you have questions, they will guide you through the answers. Finally, when they finish, they will clean up their mess and leave you with a fully functioning decking area, ready for your use.

Request a caravan decking quote today.

What is Composite Decking?

Understanding composite decking will help you decide if it is right for you r home or property. Composite materials are synthetic, usually using a combination of recycled materials and new resources. Typical ingredients in a plank of composite decking include wood particles, plastic particles, and bonding agents to hold it all together.

Composite decking has many benefits. It is tougher than wood and lasts longer. It doesn’t come with the maintenance of hardwood decking or softwood decking either. You don’t have to varnish it or sand it, nor does it need protection from the elements. The down side of composite decking is that it doesn’t have the natural look that many homeowners prefer. It can expand and contract over time to leave small gaps, and it may need regular cleaning.

Composite decking is the ideal solution for caravan owners since it does not have the plastic look and feel, but also doesn’t have the maintenance of wood. It won’t harbour insects and it won’t swell with water. Altogether it is a safer alternative to wooden decking and a better looking alternative to plastic decking.