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Timber Decking

Hard and Soft Wood Timber Decking from an Essex Based Business

Timber decking represents the ultimate in classic elegance. If your goal is to both accentuate your property and to enjoy your outdoor space, then this decking solution is ideal for you. Mix timbers to create a layered finish, style your timber decking with additional atmospheric lighting, or choose a harder wood for longer durability. When you shop for timber decking from Deck Solutions, we will make sure you receive the full information on each potential product you peruse.

The Timber Deck Solution Experience

When you shop for timber decking through Deck Solutions, you will have a choice in styles, textures, and colours. Our wood decking comes in two types: the soft wood options and the hard wood options.

Typical soft wood decking planks come from woods such as:

  • Pine – a lighter coloured timber decking
  • Spruce – a darker coloured softwood
  • Cedar – which is preferrable for weather resistance

Whereas typical hard wood decking planks might be from:

  • European oak – a rich dark wood
  • Redwood – for a reddish finish and a long-lasting deck
  • Chestnut – another reddish wood, chestnut grows local to the UK

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What Happens When You Order Timber Decking?

When you order timber decking from Deck Solutions, we will advise you every step of the way. We will consult with you over your individual needs and what that means for wood choice. When you make your decision, we will be there to negotiate the best possible prices to make your new timber decking affordable.

We will come to your home or caravan at a time and date that suits you. Once ready, we will begin the installation, keeping you informed of our progress. Our tireless team will perform the task with a friendly smile, and even clean up any mess they make. This way, you have a brand new timber deck that you can use straight away.

What’s the Difference Between Hardwood and Softwood Decking?

The main difference between a hard wood and a soft one lies in the growing process. Hard wood trees take a long time to grow. they are denser as a result. Soft wood trees are quicker to grow, like pine.

When it comes to your decking, softwood and hardwood have a few differences. Softwoods tend to be lighter in colour with less grains and knots. They are lower density and likelier to incur damage in high traffic areas. Nevertheless, soft woods are the cheaper version of a full wood deck, which makes a natural finish more affordable.